Drum roll please…we finally have a website!

Hey Fry Friends,

Do you ever have a to-do list that gets a little out of control? The kind that is crazy long and takes you a really long time to complete?


Who doesn’t?


We are happy because this week we are checking a big, hairy to-do off of our list. And it came out pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.


We are so excited to finally launch our website and welcome you to it. This is your new one-stop-shop for poutine. You can browse around to check out our store, or listen to episodes of the Fryday Podcast, and most importantly, find out where our trucks are any day of the week.


So, stay for a while, take a look around and plan out your next poutine pilgrimage. And don’t forget to share the link with the poutine-fiends in your life. We’ll see you truck side.