Celebrating 4 Years with 540 W. Main

This June marks 4 years of service, education and community building at 540W. Main Inc – and we are so excited to say, Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on 4 years of hard, important work!

If you haven’t heard about 540 W.Main in their first four years – we bet you have now. With the recent re-invigorated focus on the #blacklivesmatter movement via protests and demonstrations nationwide, many non- POC are catching up by learning about ways that they can actively be anti-racist and take a stand against systemic injustices.


Enter 540W.Main. Since it’s inception – this 501(c)(3) non-profit has been a leader in Rochester creating spaces and opportunities for people from all backgrounds to listen, learn and come together to understand complicated systems and issues that govern our every day lives. Taught from a social justice and anti-racist perspective, their online and in-person classes and efforts have made 540W.Main a hub for this important work.


COVID strikes again

We had big plans to celebrate in-person by bringing our truck to the 4 year anniversary party. But, the COVID pandemic had changed things around on us all – and so we had to take it digital. Follow 540 W.Main on Instagram to learn how you can win an LPP swag bag this week!

Supporting 540W.Main

The work that 540W.Main does is so vitally important to Rochester. That’s why we are encouraging our customers throughout the rest of June to consider making an investment in this intensely important community hub.

One of the best ways you can support 540 is through a sustaining membership. For as little as $3 per month, you can help this non-profit continue to do the work that is enhancing our community so much.

That’s the price of 1 Ginger Soda!

Think about it! Think about all the things you spend $3 on over the course of 1 month. Now, think about how many people your $3 will help to educate and enhance when you become a sustaining member.

We’re in for the long haul.


At Le Petit Poutine, we are invested on spreading the word about 540W. Main’s good work. That’s why when you register as a sustaining member, we are offering you a free soda of your choice at any of our truck stops and locations. Just show us your registration screenshot on your phone and collect your prize. Let’s keep the 540W.Main Community growing!